Le Grand HuitTo facilitate alternative transportation and leisure activities in urban waterways

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  • Welcome

    Le Grand Huit aims at offering you fun moments of happiness and joy by helping you experience the city in a different way with original activities. We hope to encourage you to move in a more fun and smarter way and to allow you to practise leisure activities without having to drive a car anywhere.

    For instance, you can take a private penny-farthing bike lesson with us or surf on a stand up paddle downtown on a river spot we were happy and proud to create. We can also organize corporate ECO-gatherings to help you save tons of CO2 emissions or simply make your trip to Lille an unforgettable one with a bike tour.

    In short, Le Grand Huit provides your company or group of friends with original, wonderful and photogenic activities which make sense

    Emmanuel, François-Régis, Emmanuelle, Jean-Pierre, Vincent, Robert, Audrey, Jean-Baptiste and Frédéric.   


Do you know the best bike rental company, according to its customers, in the Lille region? It’s Le Grand Huit of course. At first glance, some people don't find our Dutch flower bikes very serious. But after a few meters they love it. And appreciate our operation by appointment and with the freedom to return the bike at any time. So read their Google and website reviews and book your turn for this spring 2024.

Happy new Olympic year. In Lille our guides will be happy to show you around the city by bike during the Olympics. Our specialty is being able to do it while having fun, but also in so many languages: English, Dutch (5 of our guides), German, Italian, Spanish. If you insist, we can even do it for you in Egyptian Arabic and Ch’ti (north of France dialect)!

Baby fun bikes. The fun bikes are always a great success, but they made some people jealous: the under eight years old who couldn't share the track with adults. At this end of 2023 we create a special event for them because they are also the most motivated in learning to cycle, especially when it is fun. Book this new activity for your event.