Le Grand HuitTo facilitate alternative transportation and leisure activities in urban waterways

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    Le Grand Huit aims at offering you fun moments of happiness and joy by helping you experience the city in a different way with original activities. We hope to encourage you to move in a more fun and smarter way and to allow you to practise leisure activities without having to drive a car anywhere.

    For instance, you can take a private penny-farthing bike lesson with us or surf on a stand up paddle downtown on a river spot we were happy and proud to create. We can also organize corporate ECO-gatherings to help you save tons of CO2 emissions or simply make your trip to Gent, Paris or Lille an unforgettable one with a bike tour.

    In short, Le Grand Huit provides your company or group of friends with original, wonderful and photogenic activities which make sense


    Emmanuel, François, Antoine, Geoffroy, Eric de Gand, Eric de Lille, Christophe, Jean-François, Solène, Vassili, Robert, Stéphanie, Jean-Michel. +  Fred. 


At the 1p.m TF1 journal, the 7th of February, we presented the themes of Lille and water. "La Deûle", "Le quai du Wault", "Les petits canaux lillois"... A 1p.m journal presented by Anne-Claire Coudray. 

French SUP Championships were in Annecy this october for a dozen of our club members. Congratulations to LEO DUSART who has become junior France vice champion. Bravo Léo ! Good luck for Paris 2024 Olympic Games in which we hope our sport will be represented. 

This was the very last bike tour in march. We look forward to see you again, as soon as possible, by bike, scooter, or for Stand Up Paddle. Great fun for your next city break. Book your “back to life experience” !