Le Grand HuitTo facilitate alternative transportation and leisure activities in urban waterways

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Bikes for everyone! There was a lack in Lille: the possibility to rent bikes, for one or multi-day trips. Nice decorated dutch bikes, handy folding bikes, overly chic tandems, baby seats of course, and even one bike designed for mother-in-law's osteoarthritis Our bikes are waiting for you at the Citadel.

The fabulous history of the two-wheeler  is the new show that we can stage in your city or for your event. Educational, informative, and funny. Already scheduled for Arras on May 7, Villeneuve d'Ascq on May 29, …. Book your date 2022 now.

The new 2022 boards have arrived at the club, Joinville and Lille. Itiwit 14x27 is a beautiful inflatable board, for racing but wide enough to introduce many of you to sporty SUP without the risk of swimming. And even why not, do a headstand ?

The Alternative Travelers Festival was organized from January 26 to 30 in Lille. Fun bikes, guided tours by bike and scooter, but also a conference with three Grand Huit guides on these themes: The happiness of managing without a car, using a company bike, and walking as active mobility, presented by Emmanuelle Bugara.

Nautic Race. About 50 paddlers from Le Grand Huit are going to take part in World's biggest race, a legendary event. It will take place on the 5th of december under all the famous Paris bridges. A good reason to keep on practising in winter, in Joinville, Lille and Amiens. Good luck ! 

From 06 to 10 of october, our funny bikes are tried at Le Roc d'Azur, the world biggest event for mountain bike, with 15000 persons. We are very proud to be chosen for this major event for cyclists and professional. Ordinary or safety bikes ! 

Mobilize yourself! September 16-22 is European Mobility Week. We’ll be happy to host Fun Bikes, or New Urban Mobility modes either in your businesses or local authorities to persuade you to give up your cars. With a grin!

France’s Number One SUP club! In 2012 we chose to practice Stand Up Paddle in a green haven at the heart of the city both in Lille and Joinville-le-Pont.  And so what if it made people laugh at the time! Today, we have become the biggest club in France in terms of number of SUP members to the French Surf Federation. Have a look at our club champions. Feel free to join us (no need to be a champion!) for a sporting start in either Lille, Paris, Amiens or Compiègne.

At the 1p.m TF1 journal, the 7th of February, we presented the themes of Lille and water. "La Deûle", "Le quai du Wault", "Les petits canaux lillois"... A 1p.m journal presented by Anne-Claire Coudray. 

French SUP Championships were in Annecy this october for a dozen of our club members. Congratulations to LEO DUSART who has become junior France vice champion. Bravo Léo ! Good luck for Paris 2024 Olympic Games in which we hope our sport will be represented. 

This was the very last bike tour in march. We look forward to see you again, as soon as possible, by bike, scooter, or for Stand Up Paddle. Great fun for your next city break. Book your “back to life experience” !

2020-2050. Daily life in thirty years is the theme of the book written by our guide Jean-Baptiste, riding a kick scooter from Lille to Holland. And, surprisingly, our lives could be far less catastrophic than many fear. A great lesson in optimism, to make you want to live in 2050: The scooter.

Carbon zero for the Ajax Amsterdam team coming to Lille by train next 27 november for the Champions League. And our dutch speaking guides Nico, Pascale, Anaïs, Verena, Lucie and Ann will be happy to welcome their fans for a guided bike tour of Lille. Lot of culture and fun before the football match. No doubt Lille will play the best...

From 10 to 13 of october, our funny bikes are tried at Le Roc d'Azurthe world biggest event for mountain bike, with 20 000 participants. We are very proud to be chosen for this major event for cyclists and professional. Ordinary or safety bikes ! 

This is definitely the summer of the scooter. In Lomme for the school children who pass the Grand Huit's scooter license, at Codifis whose employees try out our scooters for a month to get to work, at the Joinville le Pont summer party and of course during our famous guided tours of Lille and the historic heart of Paris.

Eight brand new crazy bikes have joined Le Grand Huit this 1st of may. Weird, rare, unknown, for some of them we don't even have found a name, yet. But this one is the Monster, presented by our brand new guide Elisa. Will she success on the bike ?? Welcome Elisa ! 

Inauguration of the brand new Paddling section of Le Grand Huit in Amiens this Week End 06/07th of april . No need to get to to Venice. You will surf at the foot of the Gothic cathedral and in through the unique maze of l little canals running through garden plots known as “hortillonages”. Whether you are an experienced paddler or just a beginner, you are welcome. 

These brand new hover shoes will make good fun next 21th of march  for our "new urban mobility" session. Among electric wheels and scooters, all employees of CGI company where we organize this event will look like E.T.

Stand Up Paddle on the Nile from Aswan to Esna near Luxor. This 11th of january, our guide Jean-Baptiste begins his "solo" expedition in Egypt, in sha allah. Breathtaking landscapes, secular civilisations, mythic valley, for sure a Le Grand Huit member couldn't miss to plan this expedition. Follow him on Facebook Gilles de Joinville. Yalla !

Arthur ARUTKIN has become the world number 1 APP, after the Nautic race in Paris 09th of december. Yes, our member is the best paddler of the world ! All the Grand Huit paddlers are so happy. Congrats Arthur. Crédit photo Teddy Morellec

This 27th of october, we will welcome 36 kids on scooters visiting the historic heart of Paris. The 3 sub groups will discover Notre Dame, Le Louvre, l’Hotel de Ville, le Marais, l’Ile Saint Louis, but also have funny games discovering the scooter pleasure. Try this wonderful experience with your group or your family, from 3 to 83 years old.

From 11 to 14 of october, our funny bikes are tried at Le Roc d'Azur, the world biggest event for mountain bike, with 15000 persons. We are very proud to be chosen for this major event for cyclists and professional. Ordinary or safety bikes ! 

Testing car alternatives: Electric wheel and new urban mobility on our agenda from September 16 to 22 with this european mobility week. With our funny bikes, our scooters, and even our Eco Gathering Surveys, we will be happy to contribute to make you want to let down the car.

September, Saturday 15th it’s the World Clean Up Day. Join our collections in Joinville le Pont, in Lille and Amiens, on the river or on the edge of it. Le Grand Huit is glad to be partner of this event, a great move for a cleaner planet

This summer after the Tour de France in Annecy, we will love to celebrate the summer festivals in many cities, for the delight of children and grown up. Try and test your balance on our crazy  bikes. Nice photos and louds of laughter guaranteed.

World Record ? This Saturday, June 23rd, we want to break the world record for the biggest kick scooters parade. The opportunity also to promote the scooter in all its forms, and to make the first big event  in France. It's in Lille at the Citadelle on June 23 from 3pm to 9pm, and it's free. Join us and register here

L’Eau Vive, May 26th and 27th is the big Stand Up Paddle event at Joinville le Pont, on the edge of Paris on the Marne. And also the Meetings for Water with Surfrider Foundation, the students of Sustainable Development of REFEDD, Watertrek, and the show and animations of the France Hawaï association. The place to be !  

136 on two wheels. This Thursday, May 17th, 136 young people from Bruges will discover Lille in the most beautiful way. Will they succeed in the trials and cycling games of the tour : Cycle chic concours, improvisation session, and the « passage des trois anguilles » ? Welcome to your group too, friends, business, or just the two of you ! 

"Living well with Bonduelle" ...The scooter is everywhere. A great success for a broad range of amateurs from 3 to 83 years. But would you guess this announcement of Bonduelle CEO this 09 january to his staff members for the new year : Scooters will now be available to move within the company and replace cars. With coaching and advise of le Grand Huit, and even ...the "scooter permit" they have to pass !  

Gla-gla Race : paddlers from Le Grand Huit are going to take part in France's coolest race, a legendary event. It will take place on the 20th of January on Lake Annecy and is a good reason to keep on practising in winter, on Sundays in Joinville and on Saturdays in Lille. Who said "cold" ??

The new Youth Hostel in Lille is an amazing and welcoming place. It’s also a cradle of creativity for the social and solidarity economy. It is situated 2km away from the town center which isn’t a problem since the Grand Huit offer bikes to the guests for a one-day use or longer. That’s also the zero-emission politics of the tourist accommodation.

Our Champion Arthur Arutkin was in San Francisco, California in extreme weather conditions. On the 30 World best competitors, only 19 accepted to take part in the race and only 14 managed to cross the finish line under the Golden Gate Bridge. Arthur makes a brilliant 7th place. He will be present at the club on Sunday, November 19th for a special session. Under better weather conditions, we’re sure !

The Weekend of la Gare d’Eau (the Water Station) will be a great show, Paddle initiation on Sunday and crazy trials of our fun bikes of course. 14th and 15th October there will be a great water festival throughout the city. 

Lots of fun in store for this year’s edition of european mobility week in September:  a fleet of scooters will be lent to businesses, schools and the Lille Hospital Campus as well as municipal employees in Villeneuve d'Ascq plus fun bike events in Bellaing, Epinay sur Seine or the Coca Cola production plant in Grigny.

He just did it ! An incredible performance : Claude crossed France, 1150 kms, from Lille to Méditérannée alone on his Paddleboard. 35 kms per day, and some more steps along the locks on his way. 

Luxembourg's children association comes every year to Lille for their annual guided bike tour. It’s fun for us to see these young cyclists grow year after year. But on August 16, 2017 they have decided to try out this year’s novelty with the guided tour on scooters ! 

The fun bikes events are in demand in June. After Pantin, Clichy and Lille you will find them in St-Omer, Fourmies, Joinville or Brussels ! You can't but try them ! It's like reliving your first time on a bicycle when your eyes were glittering with joy. But this time you won't lose your balance !

The Canals Raid will celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Lys without borders" on May the 21st and 22nd. 50 km during two days of stage racing that will take place on paddleboards but also on bikes for the teams who choose to race in relays rather than solo. SUP + bikes ? That's our logo !

The society WORLDLINE launches its mobility week on May 15th  with polls, eco-meetings, fun bikes, gyrowheel, electric bikes and above all scooters ! Indeed, it really helps you move around faster in your everyday life for short rides to the train or underground station. And you can't hesitate when the Grand Huit lends you a scooter for free for a month!

L'eau vive. That's the name of the Stand Up Paddle French Cup race we're organising in Joinville le Pont on May 13th and 14th. An event packed with sports, show and champions but meetings for the protection of water and the environment will also take place. And a lot of free entertainment on the river Marnes's banks, a kind of paradise so close to Paris !

Fantastisch ! On May 6th, we'll welcome 125 dutch students from beautiful Utrecht for a cycling guided tour in Lille. It will be fun with beautiful photos of beautifully decorated dutch-style tandems and bikes 

Year of the scooter ! On Saturday, March 25th, we will launch a new style of guided tour in Lille : the scooter ride! It's a unique and original way to discover the city with your mates or your family and above all to have lots of fun with games and photos. Scooters are also a winner for businesses or local communities where Le Grand Huit can help develop this handy means of transport.

Gla-gla Race : 20 paddlers from Le Grand Huit are going to take part in France's coolest race, a legendary event. It will take place on the 25th of January on Lake Annecy and is a good reason to keep on practising in winter, on Sundays in Joinville and on Saturdays in Lille. Are we going to win like last year? We aim to !

On October 30th in Hossegor, Arthur Arutkin, member of Le Grand Huit, won the 2016 French championship title in the Technical Race even though the waves were particularly tough. But that's not all ! The party went on for our club with Paul Conrad Delaere who finishes as the 10th best French paddler and with Yanis Maire who has recently started training with us and who simply became champion of France Espoirs. Congratulations to them all !

Our decorators are pimping up your bikes for this Autumn with new flowers, novelty ornaments, original accessories and bells. Maïté from Lille, Rosalie from Paris and Bettina from Gent don’t lack imagination and talent to present you with amazing bikes. You won’t find such beautiful bikes anywhere else, not even in Amsterdam !

Sound and light paddle show at Lille’s future marina. Come and see the hydrolabe, the slack-line over water, watch numerous shows, and try fun bikes or stand up paddle with Le Grand Huit. The festival will be held on October 13th and over the weekend with a paddle choreography by night.


153 bikes roam the streets of Lille this September 13th for a  company convention. More and more groups want to discover the city in a fun and ecological way. Dutch groups, company meetings, architecture students from Lille and Marne La Vallée,...And we hope every participant will use a bike more, back at home, for their everyday trips.


Eden explorations. Welcome in august and september to our discovery expeditions : Here Pantin La Vilette, Douai old “palais de justice”, Yerres of impressionist painter Caillebotte, amazing citadel and fairy tale sleeping ports of Lille, Cambrai castle and mill, “Boucle de la Marne” in Paris, … A fantastic sight of the cities, amid nature and in a very zen attitude

Come to Ghent during the "Gentse Feesten".  Every day from 16 to 24 july, at 10 am, you can join us for a wonderful guided tour with one of our charismatic ghent guides of Le Grand Huit (The GrEight!). Meeting point at 44-50 Huidevetterskaai. More information here 

On Sunday, July 10th at 3pm, all the Europeans are invited to dive into the rivers, small or big, to show how nice it is to find good quality waters again. So like the rest of Europe, we’ll do the big jump in Saint Maur, Chennevières Bridge, in the so close to Paris Marne river.

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Brussels City has invited us on June 16th to the Beliris seminar for the creative and talented urbanist and mobility teams in Brussels. We will promote and celebrate alternatives to cars by introducing them to the solowheels, penny-farthings, tandems galore, and obviously the eight-seater bike called “le Grand Huit”. 

Summer Festival on June 19th in Joinville le Pont with fun bikes for young and old and of course Stand Up Paddling on the most beautiful spot closest to Paris. The golden age of sunny Sundays along the Marne river is here once more. Enjoy the riverside cafés, surfing on water and even playing Robinson Crusoe on Fanac Island which is totally car free. 

Singa. The bicycle tour is now a must! Whether in Lille, Gent, Paris or along the Marne river, visitors and groups alike demand the guided tour “by the Grand Huit”. What’s more it has also become a gift. And to celebrate the Refugee Week with the SINGA association, we will give it to refugees

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Stand Up Paddle in Marcq en Baroeul. Sunday 17th of april, we launch the new Paddle club on the river La Marque. In the middle of Lille European Metropole, and in the middle of nature. Enjoy more and more the Paddle within the cities. Sport and also cool and fun experience. 

Walloons and flemish together in Ghent. 72 students of Soignies and Ypres have celebrated their pen friends relationship by organizing 08 of march a very nice bike guided tour in Ghent. Congratulations. 

06 december, they did it ! 58 members of Le Grand Huit have been gliding under the mythic Paris bridges for the sunset race. And Arthur ARUTKIN finishes 3d rank of this biggest race of the world.

Mobility week, carfree day, cycling day, in Paris, Lille or other cities, Le Grand 8 will be happy to provide a fun atmosphere to all the cycling events you organize in connection with the "Cop 21 Climate change conference" in Paris this December  

 Paddle On the 23rd of August along the river Marne for the 14 kms "boucle" very close to Paris, in a dream-like landscape. Also a good occasion to celebrate the opening of our new "Paddle Camp” at the water’s edge and to thank all the volunteers who helped us to build it !

The bride-to-be and her hen party of 13 young ladies from Holland come on the 1st of August :  Stand Up Paddle in the morning, and in the afternoon, a bike tour with, as usual, all our funny bicycle games

Paris 12ème, Saturday 13/06, come and try a real Penny Farthing, or a 4 seats tandem, a solowheel or many vintage bikes ?? Le Grand Huit organizes the Grand Oui event at Maison des Associations

"Gr-Eight" Sustainability week for Joinville le Pont near Paris : Paddle, bicycle, nordic walk, and even City Council meeting in Eco-Gathering ! 

1st of april on french TV prime time "Des Racines et des Ailes" : History of the Marne river close to Paris, and our Stand Up Paddle lesson !

Even more fun in march 2015 : We launch not less than 15 new funny bikes, from the giraffe to the biclown or kangaroo or reverse direction... Great fun for kids and even more for...great kids. See Funny bikes

Magic : Visit Amsterdam with us on Stand Up Paddle (and bicycle) By day and by night on most authentic canals. Accommodation in a genuine dutch house in the nicest part of Amsterdam. 

Nice French TV "Echappées Belles" about Lille by bike, is this month on You Tube 

This sunday 09 november, Arthur ARUTKIN, member of LE GRAND HUIT, is double French Champion of Stand UP Paddle !! An incredible performance at only 17 years old 

Urban Walk and bicycle ride this 21 september : the 115 dutch members of Circle Software have loved Lille

This summer and for our carbon compensation we offer 3 new bikes for, this time, the best pupils of this Ouagadougou school. Here more about why promoting the bike in Burkina Faso 

After the Lys and Gent this week, our agenda of summer "Paddle explorations" is nicely busy : La Marne near Paris, and Flander cities

This summer France 2 TV gives us a nice Award : Jersey of the craziest cyclist ! 

July 08 and 09, Le Tour de France Event arrives in France : Stand Up Paddle, Funny Bikes, Great Eight around Lille in Lomme, Mons, Roubaix, l'Union

Surf Music : 17th of May 6pm, A show created by our 6 paddlers and 6 musicians of ARA Roubaix. Nice to dance on the Paddleboards ! 

May the 20 th : Le Grand Huit prepares the members annual meeting in Eco-Gathering. The comparison target is to save 507 kgs CO2, 1100 Euros, and spend average only 3 more minutes to come.

Sunday 23 march 15.30,  come with us to clean the Polangis canal in Paris. On a Paddle ! A nice action with Surfrider Foundation Europe to promote cleaner oceans

10 of February : launching of the "Ride for Bike in Burkina Faso" programm by buying the first two bikes for Macaire and Zalissa and offering a budget to maintain other bikes of school officers. Read our Ride for bikes in Burkina Faso programm 


Offered private lesson of Penny Farthing : And the winner is... Jean-Marc NYS : happy winner from the Facebook Le Grand Huit lottery for new likers

 08 december : They did it ! 16 (8x2) members of Le Grand Huit have been gliding under the mythic Paris bridges for the sunset.

New : Enjoy the winter by bike and keep your hands warm on our dutch bikes

Mythic race on La Seine in Paris : 15 members of Le Grand Huit will compete 08 december ! Good luck

EUROSTAR also loves bike : 16 staff members very good at so many funny bikes

Penny Farthing belgian Championship, september 15 : Last but not least !

Canal Saint Martin on september the 20 th with Surfing for Peace

Visiting Gent on our ten Paddle boards : magic !

Supply Chain KIABI is very chic
This Friday August 30th, teambuilding program to kick off this year 2013-2014: funny bicycles fun, Da Cau, "zen" workshop, Mölkky… Very trendy, we are at KIABI !

Explorers Paddlers :
This Monday, August 5th, great session in nature and in the heart of the old town of Douai