Le Grand HuitTo facilitate alternative transportation and leisure activities in urban waterways

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Facilitating mobility for businesses, communities and organizations

 To really improve the mobility alternatives, we support:

1) Employers: They set up studies and carbon surveys. But beyond that they are often stuck on the concrete implementing actions. They often fail to achieve real progress in commuting their employees, either commuting or business travel

2) The organizers of business meetings and events: For two years have been developed "low carbon events”. Visitor movement is about 80% of the carbon balance of the event. But the organizers are helpless to measure and especially to develop innovative ways to give better access, fun, and really train their visitors in this challenge.

3) Local authorities and commercial urban areas : They sometimes have worked proactively with governments and stakeholders in public transport but have difficulties to communicate effectively their accessibility for carfree visitors and to animate links of alternative mobility.

We specialize in facilitating mobility. Ie help and support of everyone in the discovery and learning of alternative modes of transport

- The individual diagnosis of mobility and animation.
- The discovery of possible alternatives to the "all-car", individually and impliquante way.
- Building animations awareness and effective change in mobility.
- The diagnosis of Company Travel Plan
- The carpooling geolocation and individual awareness.
- The access to a site or a home office.
- The links between workplace (or meeting) and accommodation.
- The relocation assistance to a work site, building new landmarks.
- Promoting Bike and actions accordingly. Cycling coaching, cycling guides animation.
- The carfree community: cyclists, carpool transport users, telecommuters, ...

Examples of our clients and interventions :
- For a company, organization of a European Mobility Week.
- For a banking network, develop alternative mobility involving its employees
- For a conference, build accessibility animation to support the last link from the public station  (cycling and walking guides).
- For a company that moves, animate the access of the new site to reduce anxiety and stress.
- For a large group in an industrial zone, help visitors from subsidiaries no longer having a 60 miles taxi while alternatives exist.
- For a shopping center in a saturated location, especially on Saturdays and evenings, animate the bike link 3 miles around, and develop a sense of proximity to 40 000 households in the area.



New : "Ride for bikes of Burkina Faso !"

Amata has resigned from her teaching job in Ouagadougou : she lives too far from school and had no money to buy ...a bicycle ! 

We propose you an action to help bicycle in this country : Propose your colleagues to organize within your company the "Ride for bikes of Burkina Faso", during a mobility week or a car free day. Every mile you commute by bike (instead of usually using a car) makes 50 cents given to buy or to maintain local bikes. If only 10 of you do it for 10 miles (5+5) this day you already can offer a bike to someone who needs it in Burkina Faso. 

Bicycle in Burkina Faso : Still the most popular way of commuting to go to the fields, the school, to carry vegetables to the market, to carry water or wood to sell. In Bobo Dioulasso you find nearly only blue bikes, built there by SIFA factory, and famous since ex president Sankara decided in the 80s to offer (also with with small monthly payments) one to every public officer of the country. There are not many collective taxis in Burkina. Like in many newly developped countries, the motor bike is more and more present, and appears as a symbol of success and wealthiness . Very strange wealthiness when you know they buy it on a credit, longer than the motorbike life, and when the petrol liter costs 1 €, little less than the 1,36 € daily average revenue per inhabitant !! 

Ready to launch this project with your job ?? 


Bikes for everyone! There was a lack in Lille: the possibility to rent bikes, for one or multi-day trips. Nice decorated dutch bikes, handy folding bikes, overly chic tandems, baby seats of course, and even one bike designed for mother-in-law's osteoarthritis Our bikes are waiting for you at the Citadel.

The fabulous history of the two-wheeler  is the new show that we can stage in your city or for your event. Educational, informative, and funny. Already scheduled for Arras on May 7, Villeneuve d'Ascq on May 29, …. Book your date 2022 now.

The new 2022 boards have arrived at the club, Joinville and Lille. Itiwit 14x27 is a beautiful inflatable board, for racing but wide enough to introduce many of you to sporty SUP without the risk of swimming. And even why not, do a headstand ?