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School trips and outings

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Are you a head or teacher or lecturer in a school, college or university? Are you keen to find an interesting, inexpensive and enjoyable outing for your class? Of course! We had fun describing the sort of outing you want to avoid and the sort we can offer...

The classic outing you want to avoid :

• the need to hire a coach, very expensive, plus the worry of where it can park and how you will find it to go from place to place during the day
• exploring a town, but with loads of hand-outs for the children who wander around in groups; they have lots of questions to answer, as every year, which leaves them deflated... A question of dates relating to the town's history which don't inspire anyone.
• the students spend their time taking selfies but in the end neither you nor most of them get the photos

A class outing led by Le Grand Huit, a really valuable experience

• firstly there's easy access without the need to hire a coach. All our sites are accessible on public transport, sometimes with a short walk
• everything happens in the same place without the need to travel on to another venue
• we offer a real discovery activity or even several
• the town is discovered as it is today - its people, methods of travel, even its politics
• we take superb photos for you so all members of the group can see themselves that very evening on our Facebook page

Guided bicycle and scooter tours

This activity involves exploring the town in a pleasant, fun way with a guide, who is a local personality and is experienced in talking to young people. It's about the history of the town but that's not all; it's also its current life, its evolution, way of living and funny stories for the youngsters.

We ride on funny Dutch bikes, decorated and covered with flowers and on which you can sit upright giving you a good view of the town. The guide will suggest some amusing games for cyclists and will take lots of photos; to the delight of the participants the best of these will be displayed on our Facebook page that evening or the next day, with permission.

Our scooter tour of Paris is for sure a must since 2018

Novelty bikes

The young people get to try out all sorts of novelty bicycles from the smallest micro-bike to the largest, legendary Penny Farthing and not forgetting tandems for two, three or four people, inverse tandems, strano, crab bikes, stepper bikes and other weird and whacky models. Everyone enjoys testing their balance, control and skill and it's rather like that first time, with great delight, you tried to ride a bike! Remember how your eyes lit up with joy and excitement? It's that feeling that we at Le Grand Huit enjoy re-creating for you and your group. Our guides explain all the necessary details and history of the bikes and use their teaching skills and knowledge to coach individuals.

So that's our bicycle party! Even if our bikes are a bit mad our events are taken very seriously and safety is a top priority (we have had no accidents since our launch in 2012).

Stand Up Paddle

This is a wonderful discovery for your students, even though they may feel a bit frightened beforehand. Believe us, the classes we have worked with from middle, high schools and colleges in Paris and Lille have all adored this activity. Stand up paddle is accessible for everyone and easy ! Real beginners quickly get over the first four minutes of nervousness and progress quickly, thanks to the patience and teaching of our guide who, from his or her paddle board, will take some superb photos. This is a really fantastic, must-do experience. To achieve success you have to try to respect the "no falling in" rule: Joinville le pont is not yet called Joinville les bains and Gand and Lille are not yet lidos! Of course falls do happen occasionally so we ask that the students bring a change of clothes just in case!

Other activities

According to the group's wishes we can organise other workshops in rotation and this has been really well received by young people. e.g.
• Slackline workshop
• Molkky ( a popular new Finnish skittle craze)

Safety First

Le Grand Huit has insurance for its activities with Macif and for Stand Up Paddle with the Federation Francaise de Surf. We are proud of our safety record with no accidents since our launch in 2012 and of course our guides also take your safety very seriously.

Ask us for an estimate

We can prepare a specific estimate for one or more of these activities for your group if the dates you require are available. In case of torrential rain (which is rare) you can cancel your event at no cost. Payment is due on receipt of our invoice and your organisation automatically becomes a member of our association.




Nautic Race. About 50 paddlers from Le Grand Huit are going to take part in World's biggest race, a legendary event. It will take place on the 5th of december under all the famous Paris bridges. A good reason to keep on practising in winter, in Joinville, Lille and Amiens. Good luck ! 

From 06 to 10 of october, our funny bikes are tried at Le Roc d'Azur, the world biggest event for mountain bike, with 15000 persons. We are very proud to be chosen for this major event for cyclists and professional. Ordinary or safety bikes ! 

Mobilize yourself! September 16-22 is European Mobility Week. We’ll be happy to host Fun Bikes, or New Urban Mobility modes either in your businesses or local authorities to persuade you to give up your cars. With a grin!