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An original activity for your event using novelty bicycles!

Searching for a new and original activity? For an entertainment trend using bicycles and what's more - guaranteed no carbon emissions?

For your group Le Grand Huit's novelty bicycles would be a real sensation! Discover amusing bicycles that everyone, tall or short, is able to try. Each one of our bikes has been chosen, manufactured or serviced with care. Le Grand Huit loves searching out new inventions or beautiful, whacky bikes. We also take pleasure in helping you discover your balance, control and skill; it's as if you were enjoying learning to ride for the very first time all over again...remember that childhood memory? It's this feeling that we love re-creating for you!

To complete your experience our guide takes photos and, to the delight of our clients, publishes the best of them often the same day on our Facebook page (with permission).

Millions of bikes (well nearly!)

Where did this idea come from? The desire to create moments of happiness and laughter captured in superb photos. To show that there isn't just one type of bicycle and that it's good fun to try out all the different types. And yes, our bikes are sometimes tiny, sometimes huge; they are for two, three, four or even eight people; they have crooked wheels, surprisingly skewed frames, reversed direction, no saddle, reversed pedalling, no handle-bars or peculiar saddles and handle-bars; they can be biker style, vintage style, steel, wood..... our bikes are not always in pristine condition but that doesn't matter because they work well! The only point in common with our bikes is that they all have two wheels!

In addition we also have some devices like children's scooters which are a real hit with youngsters, not only slider scooters but lever style, sbyke, drifter 360 etc . It's quite simple, we buy all the latest models and sometimes manage to get on them (not always!)

Finally we complete our collection with some new types of personal transportation: Solowheel, Street paddle, Wake, Carver Skate ......

Local entertainment with guaranteed safety

So it's like a festival of bicycles! Even if our bicycles are a little mad, our event is taken seriously. For your safety (and we have had no accidents since our launch in 2012) guides are in attendance to explain about our bicycles and their history. Some instruction and know-how is needed, for example, to coach two people who are about to take their first ride on a tandem or the particular technique needed for riding the Pennny Farthing. Our guides are there to advise on the best use of all our bikes. Furthermore, we are insured with Macif.

Requirements for putting on an event

Our events usually need a tarmac space 20 metres by 10 metres and cordoned off for safety. We frequently ask that the activity is reserved for over 11 year olds ( with a minimum height of 1.50 m); however if you wish we can cater for younger children and provide adapted bikes putting on a parallel second event.

For our many public activities we request a member of staff or volunteer also attends to support our guide.

Contact us for an estimate for your local event!

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Nautic Race. About 50 paddlers from Le Grand Huit are going to take part in World's biggest race, a legendary event. It will take place on the 5th of december under all the famous Paris bridges. A good reason to keep on practising in winter, in Joinville, Lille and Amiens. Good luck ! 

From 06 to 10 of october, our funny bikes are tried at Le Roc d'Azur, the world biggest event for mountain bike, with 15000 persons. We are very proud to be chosen for this major event for cyclists and professional. Ordinary or safety bikes ! 

Mobilize yourself! September 16-22 is European Mobility Week. We’ll be happy to host Fun Bikes, or New Urban Mobility modes either in your businesses or local authorities to persuade you to give up your cars. With a grin!