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Team building and corporate groups

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We've had fantastic feedback on our team building activities!

From small work groups to large off-campus green days, from de-briefing meetings to management committees.... ( We have been honoured this year to welcome leaders from Pimkie, Eiffage, Decathlon, Gand University - not necessarily big in number but huge in appreciation) . We suggest simple yet original activities, accessible and easy, in the countryside or in town.

Which team building activity should we choose?

This will depend on your group and the timing (including which season). A bicycle ride works well all year round whereas Stand Up Paddle is probably not the best choice for your new year gathering (even though we do get our paddle boards out on the water every new year's day at 11.00am).

For large groups (over 12 members) the price is dependant on a special estimate taking into account the number of participants and the selected activities. Invoicing and payment take place after the event and in case of persistent rain (which is rare) the event can be cancelled without cost.

We are used to combining different activities such as finishing off a bike ride with one hour of novelty bikes as a grand finale. For a whole day or for large groups we can also design a series of workshops where participants rotate around complimenting activities.

We are by the water and in the midst of greenery; come if you can by bike or on foot (or shared transport); you can enjoy lunch or dinner on the spot or just have a drink on the lovely waterside terrace.

Guided bicycle tours

On a bicycle is the best way to visit the town. Our itineraries have been carefully planned to minimise contact with traffic. The tour includes, if your timing allows, 2 hours with a dozen stops and commentary from your guide who is often a local personality! Amusing games for cyclists enhance the tour further and we ride on beautiful Dutch bicycles adorned with flowers and decorations.

You will find the prices on these links:

• In Lille
• In Joinville-le-Pont on the banks of the river Marne.
• In Gand, we suggest Dutch bikes and tandems

Novelty bikes

Beautiful photos and bursts of laughter guaranteed! You'll try out all sorts of weird and whacky bicycles and discover that there are many different, enjoyable ways of riding a bike! From the smallest micro-bike to the largest, mythical Penny Farthing, not to mention tandems for three or four, inverse tandem, crab-bike, stepper bike...and other strange models. And why not try out other new inventions for urban mobility like Solowheel, Street Paddle..?

Our guide will enrich your experience by presenting all the different models and giving individual lessons on the Penny Farthing and Solowheel; the session will last 1hour 30 minutes and can include a little test of your balance. 

Stand Up Paddle

Amongst your work colleagues some of you probably dream of getting the boss or the person who's leaving onto a stand up paddle board - even if they've never done it before! What a good idea, as long as you're sure all the others will join in and have a go as well! Stand up paddle is accessible for everyone and easy ! Real beginners quickly get over the first four minutes of nervousness and progress quickly, as will you all, thanks to the patience and teaching of your guide who, from his or her paddle board, will take some superb photos. This is a really fantastic, must-do experience. To achieve success you have to try to respect the "no falling in" rule, particularly as bathing is not yet allowed in the Marne in Paris, the Deule in Lille nor the Lys in Gand. Of course falls do happen occasionally!

Workshops for large groups (other activities)

Sampling each of several workshop activities in turn means we can host groups of up to 100 people. As well as activities already mentioned we are also pleased to present:

• collective Zen massage, led by our company group specialist, Fred
• introduction to Solowheel
• Molkky, a growing new skittle trend from Finland
• Introduction to Slackline, or how to test your balance without risk



Nautic Race. About 50 paddlers from Le Grand Huit are going to take part in World's biggest race, a legendary event. It will take place on the 5th of december under all the famous Paris bridges. A good reason to keep on practising in winter, in Joinville, Lille and Amiens. Good luck ! 

From 06 to 10 of october, our funny bikes are tried at Le Roc d'Azur, the world biggest event for mountain bike, with 15000 persons. We are very proud to be chosen for this major event for cyclists and professional. Ordinary or safety bikes ! 

Mobilize yourself! September 16-22 is European Mobility Week. We’ll be happy to host Fun Bikes, or New Urban Mobility modes either in your businesses or local authorities to persuade you to give up your cars. With a grin!