Le Grand HuitTo facilitate alternative transportation and leisure activities in urban waterways

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We have become specialists in the promotion of scooters as a mode of mobility. And this in the spirit of Le Grand Huit, ie for leisure, for daily mobility, to encourage alternatives to cars and for leisure: scooter ride, and fun guided ride

Guided tour of Lille with a scooter

It's cool to visit the city as well. And that's for the least original. It makes you want to ride a scooter. Without getting tired. It's easy and accessible to everyone.

Share a fun, participative moment, animated by a nice guide who makes you discover the city and ... the scooter!

Opportunity to do it with family, with children, parents and grandparents, but also between friends or work colleagues.
Your guide to a scooter is waiting for you at 2 pm every Saturday in Lille in front of the Tourist Office, by reservation. Or on RV when you want for groups.
The ride lasts 1h45
The scooters are of course provided, with suspensions and brakes, even! They are not electric to be able to pass everywhere, with more security, and it is more physical and healthier for the planet.
The guide begins by explaining to the group the adventure you are going to live. It helps to take control of the scooter and to find the right poses
You discover the center, the Old Lille and its history, but also the modernity of Lille Europe. You make a dozen stops with comments and photos.
You have challenges to take up! Gymkhana, contest of elegance, improvisation, and various games with the scooter: beautiful laughter in perspective
Your guide takes a lot of pictures, in the Old Lille but also before the tulips of Lille Europe or the frescoes of Jean Patou! You can find them the same evening on the Facebook profile.

Every Saturday at 2 pm In French and english.
On RV for French, English, Dutch speaking groups, ... of visitors or companies. The scooter is also hot for stag or hen parties!
Fee of € 19 per participant, from 7 to 77 years old
Free for children from 3 to 6 years, with adapted walking on the scooter (specify)
Classic city scooters, with suspension and brakes
3 child helmets are available.
Reservation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why "Dame Trottinette"?

It's a practical and fun way to cover distances from 0 to 3 kms. Interesting, especially when you know that 50% car drivers in town today cover a distance of less than...... 3kms!

The scooter lets you travel 2 or 3 times faster than on foot; it's easy to carry around; it is useful for short journeys around town on a daily basis, alone or with family (e.g to and from school, shopping, work....) and it is also very useful in conjunction with other forms of transport for journeys from home to work (such as train, tube, bus, as well as when parking on the outskirts of town). What's more the scooter is also very good for your health and your figure, encouraging balance, coordination,strengthening your back, calves, glutes, abs. Finally, "dame trottinette" attracts positive attention, makes it easy to interact and encourages people to meet.

The scooter became popular in towns in the nineties when it became lighter and folding. Vassili, a member of the CA at Le Grand Huit, has moving memories of being one of the pioneers of the scooter in Paris during the long transport strikes in 1995. As with many sports, the scooter, at the start of its history, was used by children of well-off families when the employees were doing the shopping. It has also had a number of different versions, remaining for a long time a child's toy but becoming today an unavoidable mode of transport! Let's be frank, at The Grand Huit we were more about bikes. and being, good cyclists, everyone made a face when we talked about using a scooter! But, after only a few days our guides can't do without their scooters...with their children going to school, for a trip into town, to go to work, to improve a journey by train......

We suggest participating in the 2 options described below. However, equally we are happy to share and develop our experiences with all "scooterists". In particular, via our Facebook Page "PlaneteTrottinette". There's no lack of ideas to encourage pleasure in using the scooter in all its forms. No doubt you have some too, so tell us all about them.



Bikes for everyone! There was a lack in Lille: the possibility to rent bikes, for one or multi-day trips. Nice decorated dutch bikes, handy folding bikes, overly chic tandems, baby seats of course, and even one bike designed for mother-in-law's osteoarthritis Our bikes are waiting for you at the Citadel.

The fabulous history of the two-wheeler  is the new show that we can stage in your city or for your event. Educational, informative, and funny. Already scheduled for Arras on May 7, Villeneuve d'Ascq on May 29, …. Book your date 2022 now.

The new 2022 boards have arrived at the club, Joinville and Lille. Itiwit 14x27 is a beautiful inflatable board, for racing but wide enough to introduce many of you to sporty SUP without the risk of swimming. And even why not, do a headstand ?