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Stand Up Paddle is a sport which has seen a spectacular growth over the last 9 years
It is a very good activity for body and heart, not violent for muscles and joints
Anyone can do it , from 10 to 70 years old. And you don't need to have kilos of muscles to be very good and agile at this sport.
More and more races are organized, at the seaside in the world, but also on rivers, canals, alpine lakes.

Our club, affiliated to French Federation of Surf, with more than 150 members licensed, is now the biggest club in France. And utterly enough not at the seaside !

Our champions :

    • Arthur Arutkin, ranked number two in the world (APP 2019) !! . Winner of Paris Nautic Crossing 2017, second of Vendée Gliss Event 2021 
    • Léo Dusart, second of Coupe de France at Beg Meil 2021
    • Marie Elisabeth Masson, François Prévost, Frédéric Pierreuse, Jean-François Marescaux, first to finish the Tarn Water Race 2021 on a Dragon boat

Our hero :

  • Claude Dhondt, nicknamed Junior, is the first man to succeed at crossing of France from North to South (1150 kms) this summer , alone on his paddleboard. 



Bikes for everyone! There was a lack in Lille: the possibility to rent bikes, for one or multi-day trips. Nice decorated dutch bikes, handy folding bikes, overly chic tandems, baby seats of course, and even one bike designed for mother-in-law's osteoarthritis Our bikes are waiting for you at the Citadel.

The fabulous history of the two-wheeler  is the new show that we can stage in your city or for your event. Educational, informative, and funny. Already scheduled for Arras on May 7, Villeneuve d'Ascq on May 29, …. Book your date 2022 now.

The new 2022 boards have arrived at the club, Joinville and Lille. Itiwit 14x27 is a beautiful inflatable board, for racing but wide enough to introduce many of you to sporty SUP without the risk of swimming. And even why not, do a headstand ?