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Bike coaching

The bike is not so easy for everyone. So many people say they "know" of course biking but when they are asked the question, have not riden a bike since ... so long. So imagine, get back to bike for a city course, it requires a confidence work.

We love helping people regain that confidence, accompanyng them in the right way to get on their bikes and ride into town safely and with aplomb.

Private coaching session is by appointment and for a number of sessions and a price to be agreed together.


The tour of Greater Lille is a new cycling itinerary that we have concocted for you, 70 kms, that is to say five hours of pedalling, linking the famous landmarks and large parks of Lille. It takes place on signposted bike trails, and through the suburban countryside.

Come and test the waters! And above all the Paddle Festival, whatever your level. Our routes are superb, and ... right into town. Join us on several Sundays in a row: May 14th  in Joinville le Pont, June 4th  in Amiens, and June 11th June in Lille and with our Belgian friends.

On Earth Day, our fun bikes will hit the stage in Marseille. We will be happy to see young and old having fun on our bikes for this april event. Because cycling is not only good for the planet, but also so much more fun!