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Stand Up Paddle Lille

You can now try and practise this sport without having to drive to the sea

The trendy spot, accessible and easy, it is here in the city ! 

Beginners lesson : It is a little scary the first three minutes, and then you get confidence and see that it is finally easy. It is great sliding standing on the water, and even taking the time to enjoy the scenery and greet stunned walkers. First steps followed by an accompanied trip lasts 1h45.  

Usual scheduled beginners lessons are from may to september Saturday 4 pm and Wednesday 7 pm

We are proud of our success rate (without fall) over 90% of beginners lessons. Obviously you can be part of the 10% and it does not matter, just plan towel and change of clothes in case. You will wear our buoyancyaid jacket. We paddle in shorts and barefoot, except in winter when combined suit and slippers give more comfort. But we like either to welcome you with your party dress or your kilt.

Price is 26 € per session

Regular paddlers : Our club is part of the French Surfing Federation. Annual member ship to Le Grand Huit (25€) + Surf FFS License (30 € or 40 € if competition) . You can use the club paddle boards with additional annual forfait of 103 € (or 63 € from 1st of August) 

Meeting sessions for regular on Saturday 2 pm and Wednesday 7 pm.

In the summer, "explorers sessions" are scheduled on some nights to discover other beautiful new places and not too far away.



Bikes for everyone! There was a lack in Lille: the possibility to rent bikes, for one or multi-day trips. Nice decorated dutch bikes, handy folding bikes, overly chic tandems, baby seats of course, and even one bike designed for mother-in-law's osteoarthritis Our bikes are waiting for you at the Citadel.

The fabulous history of the two-wheeler  is the new show that we can stage in your city or for your event. Educational, informative, and funny. Already scheduled for Arras on May 7, Villeneuve d'Ascq on May 29, …. Book your date 2022 now.

The new 2022 boards have arrived at the club, Joinville and Lille. Itiwit 14x27 is a beautiful inflatable board, for racing but wide enough to introduce many of you to sporty SUP without the risk of swimming. And even why not, do a headstand ?